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The Rules

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1) Don't be shy, but remember, we don't need another hero 3) There is no rule #2 4) Never turn down free food 5) If you can't make it, fake it. If you can't fake it, don't try to make it 6) Mistakes

MR-8 Interface

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MR-8 Interface (SEQ_SAMPLE_RATE) 44100 normal (default) 22050 extended (PROJ_TITLE) "A:\" & 16 char filename (PROJ_CREATE_DATE) 1858-11-17 Signature Map (time signature) bar # 1-5/4, 1-8/8 (1bar

Mackie SDR Project File (.prj) Format

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This information not associated with, endorsed by, sponsored by or supported Mackie or its parent company, LOUD Technologies Inc. Any references to Mackie, the SDR 24/96 or any other Mackie products,