CCR "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" cover by Cory & Craig

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Microphone on my phone died a painful death, so we decided to multitrack and make a hoaky video to fit the soundtrack. Decided on the song right before we started recording. Played it from a chord

The Rules

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1) Don't be shy, but remember, we don't need another hero 3) There is no rule #2 4) Never turn down free food 5) If you can't make it, fake it. If you can't fake it, don't try to make it 6) Mistakes

All About The Bass

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Craig & Cory cover All About That Bass from some chord sheets on the internet. The progression is: A Bm E A Because you know I'm all about that bass, 'Bout that bass, no treble I'm all 'bout that

Gonna Make Me Lonesome (Vinal Revival 216-10-19)

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Paul & Craig play Bob Dylan's "Your'e gonna make me lonesome when you go" at the Vinyl Revival open mic, 2016-10-19 I've seen love go by my door It's never been this close before Never been so

Paul & Craig play "Working at the Carwash Blues" by Jim Croce at the Vinyl Revival open mic, 2016-10 19

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Well, I had just got out from the county prison Doin' ninety days for non-support Tried to find me an executive position But no matter how smooth I talked They wouldn't listen to the fact that I was

John Prine's "Please Dont Bury Me" by Paul & Craig @ Vinyl Revival Open Mic 2016-09-28

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Paul and Craig play John Prine's "Please Don't Bury Me" at the Vinyl Revival open mic, 2016-09-28 Please Don't Bury Me John Prine Woke up this morning Put on my slippers Walked in the kitchen and

Bring Out the Boogie (2016-10-12 Vinyl Revival)

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I don't know what you've got but it don't take a genius to see That whatever you've got, it's hot! And it's melting me. When you move like that, when you groove like that, You could make a blind man

I Got You (Vinyl Revivial 2016-10-12)

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Paul & Craig [Vinyl Revivial 2016-10-12] I Got You

Big Beautiful World (Vinyl Revivial 2016 10 12)

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Paul & Craig Vinyl Revivial 2016 10 12 Big Beautiful World

Old Joe Clark

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Fare ye well, Old Joe Clark, Fare ye well, I say Fare ye well, Old Joe Clark, I'm a going away Old Joe Clark's a fine old man Tell you the reason why He keeps good likker 'round his house Good old