Cripple Creek

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C - F C | C - G7 C

I got a gal at the head of the creek
Goin' up to see her at the end of the week
Kisses sweet as homemdae wine
Hugs as tight as sweet potato vine

Going up Cripple Creek, Goin on the run
Going up Cripple Creek to have a little fun
Going up Cripple Creek, Goin’ in a whirl
Going up Cripple Creek to see my girl

Girls on cripple creek are mighty well grown
Jump on a man like a dog on a bone
Goin up to cripple creek when I please
roll up my britches right to my knees

Now Cripple Creek’s wide and Cripple Creek’s deep
Wade old Cripple Creek before I sleep
Hills are steep and the roads are muddy
And I’m so drunk I can’t stand steady

I’ve got a gal who calls me dear
I’ll marry her sometime next year
She’s got eyes of baby blue
Makes my gun shoot straight and true